About Us

We create pixel perfect computer vision technologies.

Vision Singularity is a team of researchers, exploring the computer vision technology to develop the solutions for the consumers and the business.

Business applications

In this fourth industrial revolution, smart industries need the intelligent eye, for that we are developing and democratising the computer vision based business applications, so that every business can take advantage of the new AI generation.

Consumer Applications

We are developing the consumer focused AI based applications and directly changing their lives through our under developed emotion AI, Posture AI, Bio-Metrices AI, BMI AI, etc.

Contact US

Email: Contact@visionsingularity.com

Our Products


Your personal mixed martial-arts coach A.I based app, trains you for the combat moves using your mobile camera

Emotion AI

Tool which detects human emotions

Optimized Algorithms

We believe in adopting state-of-art algorithms developed by our team.

IRIS diagnosis

Tool which detects the diseases using eye inputs

BMI xyz

Tool which detects the body mass index using facial considerations of a human

Animation AI

Machine learning based animator

This website is under construction. Kindly contact us through the email given above.